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It often happens that we end up with lots of unused jewellery or our jewellery dates and we don’t feel comfortable wearing them anymore.

Whether you wish to trade-in your old gold to revive into sparkling new jewellery - or - attend to a sudden financial pressure. We do our best to help you get top cash for your unwanted gold and diamonds.

Diamond Corporation, South Africa ™ is committed to ensure free and fair play in the industry. Too many vulnerable and desperate clients fall prey to greedy insensitive merchants.

Why sell to a finance expert or retail mall clerk who has no knowledge of gold and diamonds? That is like flying in a plane where the pilot is the local mechanic.

For a safe, secure and completely private interaction, give Diamond Corporation, South Africa ™ a call today on 086-110-6186 or Simply fill out the form below and select the outlet nearest to you to make an appointment.

We also come to you.

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